Top 10 Posts of 2017

Top 10 Posts of 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since I started Coastapus! It’s been an amazing experience to share my west coast boating life thoughts and tips with all of you. Thank you to all of you, and for your comments and social media shares. I look forward to continue sharing in 2018!

The top 10 most popular posts this year:

#1 Cougar Annie

#2 Gifts for the Yachtie in Your Life

#3 The Ultimate Boat Plant

#4 Jedediah Island

#5 Hike to an Old Goldmine

#6 One of the Best Beaches in the Gulf Islands

#7 Whale Massage

#8 You Don’t Have China on your Boat?

#9 A Wistful Weekend in Winter Cove

#10 Thanksgiving on a Boat

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