Coffee Snob A Float

Coffee Snob A Float

I love my morning coffee. Whether it’s enjoying a coffee with my breakfast, or savouring a quiet moment in the morning before the world gets up cuddled with a coffee. Coffee on the boat does not mean one needs to sacrifice, there are many great options depending on your coffee preference. Over the years I’ve experimented with several options to find what best suits my galley storage options. Here’s my favourite coffee equipment on the boat:

Moka Pot

Moka Pot’s make great coffee and require very little storage. They come in various sizes too regardless if you’re looking for coffee for one or six, there’s Moka Pot that will fit your needs.

French Press

The tried and true French Press is always a great way to make coffee. Glass is always an option, but a double walled stainless steel version is a little more durable for the boat. I’ve also found the handle handy in securing in while sailing.

Hand Grinder

Storing a grinder or always having sufficient ground coffee can be painful. While I admit this grinder takes some work for your coffee, it has been a great backup for us. We picked this up for camping years ago and pull it out on the boat as a backup.


Regardless if you’re heating milk up on the stove or in a microwave, this handy battery operated whisk will turn your milk into frothy goodness fit for your coffee.


Enjoy your coffee!

5 thoughts on “Coffee Snob A Float

  1. My husband is a big coffee fan and we don’t like big fancy machines…keep things simple we say. Great post, will take a look at the whisk…can imagine some great lattes and hot chocolates with that ⭐️😀

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