DIY New Winch Covers!

DIY New Winch Covers!

After far too many years of not having winch covers I decided it was time to try sewing them. They seem overly expensive if you can even find them at all in stores, and then when you do they never have great pattern options! Winch covers may not be for everyone, but I found I loved them when I had them on my previous boat.

Winch covers always seemed to intimidate me, circles are not easy to sew! This year I took the plunge and went for it. I picked up some sunbrella canvas ends in a fun pattern and thought I’d give it a try. Searching online I found a great tutorial on Sailrite’s website. Their video is great and they list the materials necessary, it really couldn’t be easier.

I don’t have an industrial sewing machine but my Heavy Duty Singer did just fine. One thing I highly recommend buying if you don’t already own one is a hot knife. The first winch cover I sewed I didn’t have a hot knife and I just used fabric scissors, it turned out great, with the exception of the unburnt fabric ends. A quick little purchase of a hot knife and I was all set for the second one. Turning the first winch cover inside out and running the hot knife along the edges for a quick burn worked just fine for a little fix.

Weller TB100PK 30 Watt/130 Watt Thermal Boost Heat Tool

They both turned out great and I couldn’t be happier.  Yes, they are not perfect, but for probably $5 all in I’m ok with that!

Go here for the Sailrite Instructions and Video

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