Fresh Tortillas at Anchor Anyone?

Fresh Tortillas at Anchor Anyone?

As I approach the summer cruising season, I start to think about what new recipe I will be adding to the galley repertoire. We may not be planning an offshore trip, but inshore sailing doesn’t mean that you’ll have a grocery store nearby either. Sure I can plan a food provisioning trip, but the more options I can carry on the boat, the less reliance I have on little grocery stores that may only get new stock once a week.

This past year I found a homemade tortilla recipe. Over the years I’d heard about women in the office making tortillas but had never really gotten around to trying it myself. This past winter I found myself wanting tortillas one night and thought I’d give it a try, how hard could it be?

Making tortillas is SUPER EASY! I browsed online and found a couple different recipe options and went with a basic one that sounded simple. Online there’s various tortillas recipes depending on how you like them, some people seem to have a preference to using lard versus olive oil, but I’m very happy with the basic recipe I found. Flour, salt, water and olive oil, basic staples I always have on the boat! I watched a YouTube to just check out the technique to see if there was something I needed to know, the answer was no, Tortillas are stupid simple to make.

So you know what this means? Now that I can make tortillas, even if I’m out of fresh/frozen chicken, with my galley staples, I simply pull out canned chicken, a jar of green salsa, Media Cream to make sour cream and I can have Mexican night at anchor!

Check on my earlier post for Media Crema  and go here for the tortilla recipe.


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