Gifts for the Yachtie in Your Life

Gifts for the Yachtie in Your Life

Shopping for a boater this holiday season? Here’s 15 great gift ideas that would make any yachtie happy.

1 – Hot Water Bottle

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A hot water bottle to preheat your you bed or to cozy up to is a must for winter cruising.





2 – Beer Sling

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Whether you’re taking the tender to shore to watch the sunset or going on a hike, the beer sling is a great way to keep your beverages cool.




3 – Plastic Wine Glasses

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Plastic wine glasses are a great addition to your boat supplies. Crystal wine glasses are great for dinner, but sometimes afternoon drinks in the cockpit can call for unbreakable wine glasses.



4 – Bartenders Best Friend

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The Bar10der is great compact bar tool to help with drinks. 10 tools in one that is a must for your happy hour drink making.





5 – Stylish Beer Stein

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This double walled stainless beer stein is perfect for keeping drinks cold. Whether it’s a beer or a rum and coke, the double walled beer stein helps your ice last longer. For those mornings where you need a little extra caffeine, the stein doubles as a extra large coffee cup.



6 – Cozy Electric Blanket

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This blanket is a great way to stay extra warm when hanging out in the main cabin, or to wrap yourself in the V-berth.





7 – Nautical Tea Towels

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These cute tea towels are perfect for any galley.






8 – Trendy Beer Growler

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This growler is a durable option for taking beer out on the boat, or for those craft distilleries you stumble on when out cruising.





9 – Art from Coast Life and Style

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A piece of local art from the Pacific Northwest adds a lovely touch to any boat.






10 – Beeswax Tea Lights

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Enjoy a evening at anchor with the smell of beeswax.



11 – Cheese Knife

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A boat wouldn’t be complete without at least one cheese knife, a cheese knife is an essential happy hour tool.



12 – Stylish Dinnerware

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This melamine dinnerware set is a great stylish way to eat on route.




13 – Umbrella

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An umbrella should be a cruising staple. For summers showers or fall rainy days, an umbrella lets you get off your boat and walk the docks into town while staying dry.





14 – SPF Lip Balm

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Boaters can never have enough lip balm. Between tucked away in jackets, in shore bags and in the cockpit, there’s always a need for another one.





15 – Sprouting Kit

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Fresh sprouts on the boat are fantastic. This is a great little sprouting kit fit for any boat.


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