Hash Browns Always an Option

Hash Browns Always an Option

Wake up in the morning wanting a proper bacon and eggs breakfast and saddened when you realize you don’t have any potatoes for hash browns? This used to be us until some foodie friends introduced us to dehydrated hash browns, they are fantastic! Ok, I know, dehydrated hash browns, really? If I didn’t have foodie friends introduce us I probably would have snubbed my nose up at them, but yes, on the boat they are perfect. Dehydrated mashed potatoes still have no place on my sailboat, but these hash browns earn a place in my galley.

These hash browns are great for boating, throw some in your food lockers and hash browns are at your fingertips all season. Shredded hash browns, bacon and eggs is a great breakfast for a day of hiking or sailing, but also, perhaps  add a little extra butter/oil to frying your hash browns and you have a great breakfast to help you recover from you night of sailor drinking.

Carton hash browns are a great addition to a boat galley, I highly recommend adding these to your list of galley staples. Costco in Langford sells them,  I have not done a search far and wide to see who else has them.

Bon appetite!

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2 thoughts on “Hash Browns Always an Option

  1. Sound like they would be great but haven’t seen them anywhere else ,? Will have to try and fined them over here on the big Island. Oh yes are they ” Gluten Free “?
    Thank You

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