Jedediah Island!

Jedediah Island!

Jedediah is one of my favourite islands. Between having a picnic in the old orchard and exploring the island via the countless sheep and goat trails, your time at Jedediah will go quickly.

There’s a few main trails on the island leading to the old farm and beaches, and when you get tired of those, there’s a hike to the highest point on the island. There’s two ways up, one longer and more gradual, while the other one is a little faster and very steep. Having gone up one way and going down the other way, I hands down recommend going up and down via the trail that starts near the head of the field just shy of the  memorial for the island horse. There’s fantastic views from the top, and if you conquer the hike, there’s a little structure at the top where you can leave your name and year on a notepad. Nothing like a little proof you made it to the top!



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