New Year, New Boating Year Ahead

New Year, New Boating Year Ahead

The new year is a time for fresh starts. Warm weather cruising will be here in no time and it’s time to start planning for the upcoming seasons. Here’s 6 ideas of things to think about:

1 – Make a List of New Cruising Destinations You Want to Try

There never seems to be enough warm weather days to explore all the boating destinations. Make a list of the destinations you want to go to this year and make a plan to make it happen!

2 – Sew a Laundry Bag

Think about little projects that would help life on the boat. If keeping track of your dirty laundry is less than optimal, think about sewing a laundry bag.

3 – Freshen up with New Pillows

Multipurpose pillows are always nice on the boat. Pillows that can add to the comfort of down below, and that can also be brought up and enjoyed in the cockpit at anchor. Switching up your pillow cases can bring a fresh new look and is super easy to do. Heytherehome has a great tutorial on how to make pillow cases.

4 – Purge and Declutter

If you took your warm weather cruising gear off the boat, nows the time to go through it before you bring it back down to the boat. Get rid of things that you didn’t use last season, inventory what needs to be replaced, or new things that you’re missing and need. Go through the boat and declutter what needs to come off. That area of the navigation station that seems to collect things, go through it and organize it. From sheets to linens, go through your inventory and see what’s needed to get ready for warmer cruising season.

5 – Boat Projects

Make your list of boat projects. Categorize them into “must do” for boat maintenance and “would like to do”, and make a plan to get them done.

6 – Plan for the Nautical Events You Want to Attend

From boat shows to regattas, there’s no lack of options for what you can attend. Certain events are annual, but there may be something special coming up in your area. The Melges 24 2018 World Championships is going to be in Victoria BC this year, a special event that will offer great racing to watch and opportunities to get involved in. Research what events are coming up that you want to attend and make a plan to attend.

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