Pendrall Sound Hike

Pendrall Sound Hike

Pendrall Sound from appearances may appear to have no options for some land exercise, but anchoring by the lagoon  there is a little jaunt to get access to the logging road that goes for miles! The first few times were in Pendrall Sound we could see the logging road through the trees, but hadn’t really made the effort to figure out how to get easy access to it. One afternoon while hanging out in the cockpit we noticed some people go to shore with some decent hiking gear and disappear into the woods for hours. Since these people were quite a bit older than us, we figured we needed to get on with it and get some exercise.

There are definitely different routes to get access to the logging road. We found the path from the beach, but sadly the great logging industry had been a little active recently and damaged the path we took. Not knowing if there was another route we had our little adventure bolder climbing, but on the way back we clearly found the easier route. The right route, is to walk up the entrance to the lagoon and watch for a little trail that easily goes up to the logging road. If you’re getting all up close and personal with nature you’ve taken the wrong path.

The logging road was a great hike. On the logging road you can definitely go left towards the exist of Pendrall Sound, but we had heard there was supposed to be a nice few if you heed to the end of the logging road going right. The road is still being used so it’s nice and clear and from other logging roads I’ve been on, it really didn’t have any steep hills.

The hike isn’t short, it’s about 3 km to the tip, so over 6 km round trip. There was defineately traces of some decent animals on the logging road, but we had not visuals of anything. The hike was really pretty and then final destination ends in a log dump area with a gorgeous view. It was a great spot to stop and have lunch and fuel up for the hike back.

desolation sound

If you wanted to walk further the road does continue, but it does start to be the aggressive steep terrain, but definitely an option for a longer hike.

I highly recommend the hike and in future years I intend to explore more of the logging road.


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