Selby Cove Hike

Selby Cove Hike

Selby Cove on Prevost Island is a lovely anchorage. The anchorage is protected from most winds and is one of my favourite places in the gulf islands to watch the sunset. While I loved the view from the anchorage, I didn’t love the fact that it didn’t offer me any hiking options, ….until I realized it did!

The access to the hike is in a little indent at the base of a mosey rock in deep water. I would recommend a tender anchor with a bungee to ensure your tender doesn’t bash against the rocks the entire time your on land, as the venue doesn’t really offer an opportunity to beach your tender.

While it may not be a long hike, there is a great little hike from Selby Cove over to James Bay. It’s  short, but it offers exactly what you need when you need to stretch your legs. There seems to be an option to go right on the trail going further into the woods, I’ve only hiked the portion to James Bay.

James Bay is quite cute.The hike ends in a small orchard at the O’Reilly Beach, offering some picnic tables, a great beach at low tide to explore, an outhouse and some grass area for camping.

Happy hiking!



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