Tenedos Bay, Bold Head Hike

Tenedos Bay, Bold Head Hike

There’s a fantastic short hike to the summit of Bold Head that starts in cove inside Tendos Bay, just below Bold Head. While cruising I don’t always like to commit to a long hike, so finding a balance between getting some exercise and still having time to nap and late afternoon happy hour can be hard. Yes, first world problems really. I was super happy to find this hike, it’s short but intense and you it ends with a gorgeous view.

The trailhead is marked by ribbons. The trail climbs 500 feet pretty quickly. It’s a short hike and takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on your shape. The hike is pretty steep and I wouldn’t recommend doing it in the rain, but it is possible. We may have done it in the rain, so while it’s possible, I would recommend a dry day.

In 2011 – Jim Elliott of S.V. OPUS 5 placed a bench at the top where you can sit and enjoy the fantastic views.

This was a great short hike and nice chance to get some exercise.


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