Thanksgiving Dining on a Boat

Thanksgiving Dining on a Boat

Over the years when I’ve told people I’m going out on my boat for Thanksgiving, they give me a look like I’m crazy and that I’ll be having a subpar Thanksgiving. Festive dinners on the boat are no different than what people choose to do at home. Some people like rustic informal, some choose microwave meals, while others like formal, …why would  people think just because you’re on a boat it would be any different?

Whatever suits your style, a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner party on your boat is always possible. While I admit a Thanksgiving dinner may be different on a Cal 20 than a cruise boat, but each to their own.

Tips for Thanksgiving on a Boat:

Choosing your Turkey 

Unless you have a nice sized yacht, your boat oven doesn’t accommodate a full turkey, if you have an oven at all. Turkey options to consider:

  • Turkey Breast Roast – depending on their size, it should fit in your oven
  • Turkey legs or turkey breast on the BBQ
  • Spatchcocked Turkey
  • Braised Turkey Legs
By Bon Appetite
By Bon Appetite

Table Setting & Decor

  • Fresh flowers at the table
    • Glasses substitute for a vase
    • An empty mini champagne bottle also works great as they have a larger base
    • A small pot of fall mums
  • Candles
    • Tea lights
    • Tea lights in a metal backpacking lanterns
    • A chunky beeswax candle adds a lovely smell to the cabin

Cozy Cabin and Table

  • Throw Pillows
  • Blanket for extra warmth
  • Music for dinner

Regardless of what suits your style, the boat is a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving. Cheers!

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