There’s Always Time For Fresh Pizza

There’s Always Time For Fresh Pizza

You’ve just woken up from your afternoon siesta, relaxing in the cockpit with a drink and a few happy hour nibbles, pondering what to make for dinner. Do you do roasted sausages with a spinach salad and maybe new potatoes, pasta tossed with parmesan, peas and bacon, ….hmmm, no wait, ….pizza!

After being inspired by boating friends fancy flat bread, dinner tonight was definitely going to have to be pizza. Typically, it seems making pizza dough takes hours, requiring far more time than I was willing to dedicate. With prosciutto parmesan pizza paired with a bottle of chardonnay calling my name, a quick pizza dough was in order. Not wanting to spend too much time on this task, I didn’t do an exhausted search for the best recipe on the internet, I quickly found one with high ratings and deemed it the winner.

The recipe I found was great. I let the dough rest in a stainless bowl in the sunny cockpit and it rose beautifully in 15 minutes. This recipe doesn’t call for olive oil, making it not quite a chewy dough, but still a lovely thin crust pizza dough. After the dough rose I diveded it into four ball, making four perfect individual pizzas. I cooked the dough in a frying pan, and then after adding my toppings popped it into the oven to finish. If you don’t have an oven, grilling the pizza in a BBQ is definitely another option.

A great quick pizza dough recipe that I will definitely be making again on the boat.

Bon appetite!

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